The Benefits of Black Beans + Gluten Free Recipes!

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Black beans are a great comfort food. Their versatility is endless…I love them in soups, on sweet potatoes with salsa, wrapped in a “lettuce” tortilla, on top of a salad, or just straight with a drizzle of olive oil. Recent research shows that black beans provide special support for digestive tract health, especially our colons. Black beans also have tons of phytonutrients, fiber and antioxidants too! Research links black beans with a lowered risk of Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and several types of Cancer. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans states that we should eat at least 3 cups of cooked legumes per week.   

Black Bean Nutrition

One cup of cooked beans provides…

Molybdenum: 172%

Folate: 64%

Fiber: 59.8%

Tryptophan: 56.2%

Manganese: 38%

Protein: 30.4%

Magnesium: 30.1%

Vitamin B1: 28%

Phosphorus: 24%

Iron: 20%

Calories: (227)12%

Looking For Black Bean Recipes?

Check out the following awesome black bean recipes! One of the most popular black bean recipes are these incredible Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies. I know it sounds totally crazy, but I serve them all the time and no one notices that, instead of flour, the beans are the little treasures in this recipe! In the winter months, I like to make a hearty Black Bean Chili or Black Bean Soup. These Black Bean & Kale Quesadillas are a powerhouse of nutrition that anyone can appreciate and they are great at a party! Speaking of parties, Black Bean Dip can be a big hit for your Football Sundays. Craving some Black Bean Enchiladas click the link to try these amazing enchiladas. For something a little different, try these tasty Black Bean “Meatball” Hoagies. A hot summer favorite is the Black Bean Quinoa Salad. Like hummus?  Try this  Black Bean Hummus Dip. LastlyI just recently came across this recipe…the Spicy, Citrusy Black Beans that I look forward to trying!  Happy Black Bean Cooking!

Did You Know…

That soaking black beans in water helps to reduce some of  the phytates and tannins that lower nutrient availability, in addition to reducing flatulence-causing substances like raffinose and stachyose?

To Your Health!