My Recent Visit to the Dentist…Is Your Dentist’s Office Gluten-Free Friendly?

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Gluten Sensitive or have Celiac Disease? Enter your dental office with caution!  On a recent visit to my dentist, I was reminded, yet again, how we must be our own health advocate and educate ourselves as much as possible regarding everything "gluten free"!  Before having ANY dental procedure, be sure to have a conversation with your dentist and hygienist about your specific needs. It is not safe ... [ Read More ]

More Reasons to Enjoy Good Ole Home Cooking…


Who doesn’t like to dine out? There’s no prep work, no dirty dishes and no hassle. On average, Americans dine out two to five times every week. However, swapping convenience for nutrition can have serious consequences, especially when dining out becomes a staple. Consider these facts from SF Gate: A 2010 NYC Health Department survey found that 57% of chain restaurant meals exceed 1,500 mg of ... [ Read More ]