Get Your Green On…Clean Green This Spring!


It’s that season again – the sky is blue, the grass is green, the birds are singing, and you’re cleaning! After all your elbow grease and hard work, you’ll be glad your home is refreshed and rejuvenated. Yet, you may actually be doing the opposite of spring “cleaning” if you’re filling your home with toxic chemicals. Why not try green cleaning products this year?                      Top Products ... [ Read More ]

A Spring Cleaning for your Body!


Spring is here, and that brings the spirit of a fresh start by cleaning the clutter from your home, but also your body.  A spring detox can help you jump into healthier eating habits.  A detox can be done at any time, but with all the fresh vegetables growing, there's no better time than Spring to take advantage of the fresh produce at your fingertips.  In the spring you have great fruits ... [ Read More ]