Education + Certificates

TRICIA CARDONE, CN™, CHHC, Studied Biology, Nursing and The Nutritional Sciences

tricia educationIn college, TRICIA CARDONE, CN™, CHHC, studied biology, nursing and the nutritional sciences. Tricia has been an advocate for public health and nutrition for over 18 years. She attained her (private) nutritional certification through American Health Sciences University in Colorado. She has also studied in a number of programs on Clinical Hematology, Nutritional Biochemistry and Immunology. She has been working in the nutrition field since 1997. Tricia is also a graduate of the prestigious Institute for Integrative Nutrition® school, located in NYC, and is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition®is a holistic educational experience that draws from a wide variety of health and wellness philosophies and theories. This training has inspired her to pursue her passion of teaching clients about whole food nutrition, healthy cooking, and holistic approaches to healthy living. She strives to help clients create optimal balance in their life.

Certified Gluten PractitionerTricia is an established natural foods cook/instructor. In the past, she specialized in cooking meals for those with a multitude of health problems, particularly those with chronic fatigue and allergies. At the present time, Tricia gives ongoing cooking classes for those with various health concerns by teaching them cooking alternatives with the omission of gluten, dairy, and refined sugars. Tricia works with each client as a health and wellness coach to help each individual move one step closer to vibrant health.

Tricia’s love and dedication to educating and helping people improve their health and quality of life arose from her own myriad of health problems and her quest to educate and heal herself. She has done extensive research in the health field and believes in continuing to study and learn in order to better help those in need. Tricia continuously attends health and wellness seminars on all types of alternative healing. Be sure to visit her blog often for the latest updates on healthy living.

Partial List of Education Credentials:

  • Adelphi University
  • American Health Science University
  • Sanum Therapy Concepts and Applications
  • Dr. Jeff Bland Nutritional Conferences (2002,2003,2005)
  • Crayhon Research (Advanced Training in Clinical Nutrition 2004)
  • Institute for Natural Resources (Immune Power/Fibromyalgia & Auto-Immune Diseases 2001)
  • Dr. Shames ~ Thryoid Power Conference 2002
  • Dr. Rakowski ~ Nutritional Approaches to Stress-Induced Disorders 2002
  • JJ Virgin ~ Weight Loss Resistance Conference
  • 2007 Dave Buck ~ Coachville ~ Coach Two Win Conference 2007
  • Dr. Tom O’bryan ~ Unlocking the Secrets of Gluten Sensitivity 2008
  • Dr. Rakowski ~ Reviving Emotional & Cognitive Health 2009
  • 2010 (CGP) Certified Gluten Practitioner (through Dr. Thomas O'Bryan)
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition® ~ Health Coaching Program Completed 2011
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition® ~ Immersion Program Completed 2012
  • Gluten Free Society Certified Practitioner (Tier 1 Certified) 2012
  • Gluten Free Society Certified Practitioner (Tier 2 Certified) 2013

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