Individual Sessions

Ground Breaking Consultation

Jump Start Your Journey

This is a great choice for those who just need a little jump start and/or are looking to make healthier lifestyle changes. Your Ground Breaking Individual Session is 2 hours in length where we will assess your diet, health and wellness history and lifestyle habits in order to provide you with the best nutritional protocol for your needs.

This service is available for those who feel they don’t need the intense support of a 5-week program.

Intake Session (1 Hour) Together we will review your detailed health history data. We’ll dive into your individual health and wellness concerns. We will strategize a plan that will support your quest for living a healthier life.  If I believe nutritional testing would help you, I’ll give you more information about this optional step so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Your Individualized Food Plan and Other Tips (1 Hour) In this hour (set at a separate time from the Intake Session), we will go over the comprehensive and individualized health and wellness plan I’ve researched and created for you so that you can get started immediately. We’ll cover lifestyle tips, menu ideas as well as a master food list filled with ideas so that you can pick and choose your own meal preferences. You will also receive my favorite extensive snack list. I will share tips on how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your lifestyle deliciously and easily. I’ll also give resources on where to find all of these wonderful foods as well as review kitchen tools that can help you.

Find necessary health history forms, here.