Maintenance Program

Continued support after your program ends

You’ve taken my 5-Week Gluten Freedom QuickStart Program or my Ground Breaking Comprehensive Individual Consultation and are enjoying the fruits of all that you’ve accomplished – with more energy, more vitality and more joy in your life!

Congratulations! You now have the skills you need to lead a healthier, happier life!

If you’re like many of my clients, you may be good to go forward from here on your own.

Some of my clients, though, appreciate having continued support from time to time – for several reasons:

  • To make sure they stay on track while their program is still new to them

  • To deal with a special new situation in their lives – such as post-pregnancy, menopause, or other health concern.

  • To fine tune their plan for even greater health and wellness

That’s why I offer Maintenance Coaching Sessions at a specially discounted price for my current and past clients. No matter what your reason for using these sessions, they will keep you on the Healthy Living track!

Maintenance Coaching is perfect for those who have completed one of my two programs mentioned above and would like additional coaching sessions while they continue to master their gluten free lifestyle.

(If you haven’t been a client of mine, but would like to talk with me about your health/nutritional concerns, I invite you to find out about my Individual Ground Breaking Consults or Chat with Trish Consults.

All Maintenance Coaching sessions will be held via telephone.

  • Enjoy this specially discounted pricing for current clients and past clients

  • Email support – Mondays and Wednesday

  • Accountability and program support to keep you on track
  • New, delicious and creative recipes to help you meal plan
  • Access to the latest gluten-free and other health information
  • 10% off select products from our healthy living store

Maintenance options (for current and past clients):

Please note, Health Coaching Maintenance Program is only available for those that have taken or are currently taking our programs. Thank you.