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Gluten Freedom QuickStart Program

Excited about dramatically reducing and, in many cases, beginning to eliminate forever the health issues that are zapping your energy and making life difficult?

Are you ready to enjoy...

  • Waking up feeling refreshed, energized and excited?
  • Having a flatter (unbloated and ungassy) belly for the first time in years?
  • Delighting in feeling better and better each day?
  • Knowing for sure which foods are good for you and which make you ill?
  • Preparing delicious meals that are healthy that you AND your family loves?
  • Savoring simple but yummy recipes made with your favorite foods created by an experienced chef (me) that make it easy to eat healthy for the rest of your life?

Then this time-tested five-week Gluten Freedom QuickStart Program is for you!


5 weeks to Gluten Freedom!

The 1-on-1 support you need to succeed

The QuickStart Program offers you the critical 1-on-1 expert and compassionate support you need to successfully create long lasting, transformational change in your physical and mental health.

Worried you won’t succeed? Rest easy!

After we quickly get to the root of your problem, we’ll have plenty of time to spend together going over all of the nuances of living a gluten-free life... and I’ll create a simple and easy-to-follow individualized plan for you that includes foods you love.

Plus, even if you currently don’t know how to cook, I’ll show you how to make preparing meals fast, fun and enjoyable.  I love to cook and have learned over the years how to make simple healthy and delicious foods that my family (I’m a mother of three) and friends love to eat!

Here are the steps we’ll take on this 5-week path to your healthier, more inspired life:

Intake Session (90 minutes) We’ll dive into your individual health concerns so I can get a real sense of what underlie them. If I believe nutritional testing would help you, I’ll give you more information about this optional step so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Your Individualized Food Plan (1 Hour) We will go over the comprehensive and individualized food plan I’ve researched and created for you so that you can get started immediately. We’ll cover safe and unsafe foods, menu ideas and how to stock your pantry and fridge, food shopping tips and how to navigate your supermarket. I will share tips on how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your lifestyle deliciously and easily. I’ll also give resources on where to find all of these wonderful foods as well as review kitchen tools that can help you.

Mastering Healthy Eating (1 Hour) In this session, I’ll give you invaluable tips on how to eat gluten free while traveling and dining out – including how to prevent food cross contamination and avoid/be aware of potential cross-reactive foods. I’ll also show you how to easily turn your unhealthy recipe favorites into healthy ones and give you simple new recipes you and your family will love.

Mastering Healthy Eating Cont. (1 Hour)  We will review in detail the nutritional supplements that can help reinforce your healthy eating plan and bring your system back in balance. We’ll also troubleshoot how your plan is going and make any changes or modifications that can make it easier, more enjoyable and effective.

Booster Session (30 minutes) Our final call will answer any lingering questions and concerns you might have and make sure you’re set up for success going forward.

The Gluten Freedom QuickStart Program will give you:

1.   1-on-1 support from an expert who knows firsthand what you’re going through

2.   A customized food plan that will begin to clear up your health issues quickly

3.   The skills to stock your kitchen with delicious food so meal prep is fast and easy

4.   The ability to make favorite recipes healthy and still get raves from your family!

5.   The smarts to shop wisely and frugally for healthy foods your body craves

6.   The inside secrets to eating gluten free while dining out and traveling

7.   Tips on kitchen appliances that will make meal prep faster and easier and take your wellness to a whole new level

8.   Helpful, easy-to-understand information about what your nutritional testing options are. Sometimes, if you have multiple chronic health concerns, testing can be invaluable in helping us sort out what’s going on. I’ll briefly explain the options available to you, if you’re interested.  (Note: nutritional testing is an option (additional fees apply), not a requirement of the Gluten Freedom QuickStart Program.)


Your 5-week Gluten Freedom QuickStart program also includes:

  • Unlimited email support between sessions (Mondays and Wednesdays) to help keep you focused and on track!
  • Tricia’s Delicious and Simple Gluten Free Recipes
  • Your Master Food List to Wellness + Safe Foods List and Unsafe Foods List
  • Assorted delicious and easy menu ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Nutritional supplement assessment and suggestions
  • Tools to track your daily wellness
  • Resources galore – chosen from my list of tried and true personal favorites gathered from years of research
  • List of reading suggestions to help support your personal growth

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