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Through the years I have compiled an extensive list of healthy living resources, click here to see a more detailed list.
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I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t use my Blendtec blender…especially in the spring, summer and fall months! This blender is a must have when blending delicious homemade protein shakes, whole foods smoothies, ice cream, nut milks, soup purees, etc.  In the winter, this blender is great for making quick and fresh homemade hot soups.  To order your blender today, click here.

berkey purification

Berkey Filters

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The world leader in portable water filtration.

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bioelectric shield

Biofield Electric Protection

Reliable EMF and personal energy protection, click here.


The Bioelectric Shield offers you protection from any kind of negative energy -be it EMF radiation from our electronics, or stressful, negative energy from other people. Customers worldwide have endorsed this protection since our beginnings in 1990. Find out more, click here.

Daily Complete

Need more energy? Boost your energy now with the 243 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in Daily Complete.

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Kettle& Fire

Improve Gut, Joint And Skin Health With 100% Grass-Fed Bone Broth. Made With Fresh, Organic Ingredients.

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Stunning, Gluten Free, Non-Toxic Lipsticks, Glosses, Balm, and Shadows

Delivered Straight To Your Door, 100% Risk Free

If you want to revitalize yourself and bring back your inner-confidence by ending dry lips, embarrassing & painful allergic reactions, and being secure in the knowledge that your lipsticks were made the way it’s supposed to be … without toxins and other harmful ingredients. Find out more.

To Order Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Please contact me at 570-421-0665 or email me, <a href=""> here</a>.  Thank you.
To Order Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Please contact me at 570-421-0665 or email me, here. Thank you.
vital choice for seafood
Vital Choice Seafood

Vital Choice ships clean and high quality fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids fresh from the sea. The fish is delivered right to your door in small vacuum sealed bags on dry ice. Vital Choice fish is ecologically harvested and each batch is tested for contaminants.  To order, click here.

organic berries

Organic Berries

Vital Choice offers some of the most delicious organic frozen berries. They are great in protein smoothies as well as whole food smoothies. They carry Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and Blackberries. They are flash frozen and shipped directly to your door on dry ice.  To order these delicious beauties, click here.

grassfed beef

Organic Beef

US Wellness Meats carries high quality grass-fed beef and other meat/poultry products which, at times, may be hard to find locally!  It is best to consume meat from healthy animals that are free to roam outdoors, graze on grass, and get to enjoy the sunshine. Grassfed beef is tastier, richer in nutrients and healthy fats! To order today, click here.

shop local

Going Local

Use this website to find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other products.

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

Check out Tropical Traditions Top Notch Gold Label Coconut Oil. I also love their amazing dried coconut, coconut flour and coconut cream concentrate! Get it now.